Understanding Acne And Your Skin

Not everyone has the same skin problems. You’ll see people of all ages with acne, dark spots, and even wrinkles but as people age; certain skin conditions are more acceptable than others. For example, a young person is expected to have some acne but no wrinkles but a young adult is supposed to have clear skin. This is not always the case and it can cause people to have a lack of confidence and self-esteem. As a teen, most people aren’t expected to have jobs and families but as you get older, these expectations change and they usually are increased. Having a job, a family, and other adult related responsibilities is the norm but if you are lacking confidence, these things may not come as easily.

Why do you still have Acne?

As you get older, life is supposed to make more sense. You’ll have more responsibilities but the small things that may have plagued you as a young adult should subside. One of these things is acne and as you age, it is expected to decrease. The thing about acne is that there is rarely a rhyme or reason as to why it appears out of the blue or even why it won’t go away. You could have a great skin care routine but if you aren’t using the right product for your skin type, it won’t matter. For example, if you are using a benzoyl peroxide treatment and your skin needs salicylic acid, even the top treatments won’t be effective. Or, you may need an oral supplement or antibiotic to clear up the skin and then begin a daily skin regimen.

Working with your Skin Type

Did either of your parents have acne? Do they possibly still suffer from breakouts? If you answered yes, you will probably have skin problems throughout your life. Take the time to see a dermatologist who can prescribe some of the top remedies. It may seem expensive but look back at all the products you’ve bought in the past, only to be disappointed. Would you try one, expensive product if it worked? You might be surprised to see how much your quality of life can improve with clear skin and a new confidence. That new job, those new friends, and many more opportunities can open up when you have the self-esteem but it can take time to find what will work with your particular skin type.